7 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Us

Posted on: 19th July 2012

incentivesmart™ are a leading recognition and incentive business based in the UK.  We provide solutions to businesses of all sizes all over the world to

  • Increase sales, profitability, productivity, knowledge, referrals
  • Improve service, brand awareness, communication and motivation
  • Decrease costs, uncertainty, absenteeism and inefficiencies

In short, we can help you achieve all of your business goals simply by changing the behaviour of your best assets - your employees, customers and channel partners.

So why do our customers love us?



incentivesmart™ are perfectionists! We use imagination, creativity, strategy and action to create incentive programmes that inspire, challenge, excite, motivate and engage your audience.

We don't just do it, as a growing independent company WE LIVE IT! We’re a group of problem solvers, designers, developers, critics and we work hard, around the clock if necessary, to make sure we deliver something special for our customers! 

As an independently run company, we offer our customers the personal touch which we feel is not offered by larger organisations. As a team we take immense pride and ownership in everything we do and we feel that this is demonstrated in our performance levels.

Our team is committed as a company to understanding and resolving any issues or questions you may have quickly and satisfactory. You will be dealing with a company aware of your need for quick and effective solutions. You have the right at any time to question and receive an answer from us, and in all our dealings we aim to behave with integrity, openness and trust.


Since 1999 incentivesmart™ have offered cost-effective, high quality solutions to help our customers drive their business, improve performance, build loyalty and recognise exceptional behaviour. 


Having worked with some of the worlds biggest and most successful companies we have learnt a lot and taught them a few tricks too!

With the help of our in-depth knowledge and expertise our customers achieve increased sales, improved service, decreased costs, higher levels of motivation amongst staff and increased loyalty from customers. 

Tap into some of our knowledge base by following our blog online at www.incentivesmart.co.uk/blog


We recognise that effective communication is a key ingredient of any successful loyalty campaign and our team of talented designers and developers work hard to keep our programmes fresh and make any idea a reality. 

But our creativity isn’t limited to the printed page and web; its creativity of thought that has helped us remain cutting edge and outside-the-box thinking


Having worked with some of the worlds biggest and most successful companies we have learnt a lot and taught them a few tricks too!

    Miele built-in incentives achieved 19.9% like for like increased sales and helped built-in outsell freestanding for the first time in the companies history.
    Over 1.4m user accounts achieved on the JAXX.com reward club.
    We delivered over 550,000 rewards to more than 28,000 Subway Sandwich Artists.
    Groupauto members enjoy 18% increased sales using gpoints.co.uk.
    Smart Telecom F1 Challenge resulted in 145% sales increase.
    Motorola Pan-European Accessories Incentive rewarded over 10,000 users across 8 countries.


Our suite of loyalty products have been designed to fully engage and captivate your audience whilst delivering a torrent of rich data and analysis to help you to track and improve your business. 

Our products are available across a range of platforms and are evolving with upgrades and new features on a regular basis.


So you've launched a new incentive and the first question that your audience is going to ask is “WHAT DO I GET OUT OF THIS?”

 Deciding on the rewards for a programme can be more difficult than you might think, it’s certainly not as straightforward as assuming everyone likes white wine or even that everyone would appreciate a new iPad.  A key feature to most of our programmes is that the audience have the power of choice so that they can self-target and work towards something that is relevant and exciting to them.

We have a huge range reward options that can be delivered almost anywhere in the world and we will help you build a reward mix that suits your audience and your budgets.

Bespoke rewards can be sourced an you can even offer your own products and services.

IncentiveSMART has well established partnerships with major high street brands, labels and distributors in the UK, EMEA and US to bring the best rewards options to your customers, staff or channel suppliers. Participants of your programme can have direct access to thousands of redemption items, ranging from high street vouchers to racing a Ferrari, from a bottle of bubbly to a relaxing spa break. A key feature to our programmes is that the participants always have the power of choice, enabling them to self-target and work towards things that are exciting or important to them.

Reward Catalogue

  • Premium & non-brand merchandise 
  • Value brands
  • Wide range of vouchers & gift cards 
  • Experiences and travel packages 
  • Green rewards and carbon offsetting projects 
  • Charitable donations

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