How Motivated Employees Create Loyal Customers

Posted on: 29th November 2012

In the shadow of the economic downturn, keeping existing customers can mean the difference between profit and loss. As companies are battling for loyal customers and return business some have discovered a more effective weapon - highly engaged employees.

Employees that are motivated tend to go the extra mile and in turn provide better experiences for customers. They approach the job with energy, productivity and creative enthusiasm and remain with their employees for longer terms. For businesses the results enormous as it creates loyal passionate customers who end up not only buying more but also telling friends and family about their experiences which also generates sustainable growth.

Results have proven that businesses with highly engaged workers enjoy up to two and a half times more growth than businesses with under-motivated staff. A recent study has shown that engaged staff direct their energy towards the right tasks and outcome. Of course a good incentive scheme is paramount to keeping staff engagement high along with opportunity for growth and a sense of affiliation.

As an employer it is best practise to assess your staff’s engagement and reward where necessary to ensure high motivation and sustained growth in today’s slow-growth economy.  For more information on how motivating your staff can help your business do not hesitate to call incentivesmart on 0845 003 8765 and one of our experienced members of staff will be happy to help.

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