vouchers are evolving

Reward vouchers are evolving

Posted on: 12th February 2013

9 reasons why incentivechoice has moved the game on from traditional gift cards and vouchers

One of the biggest considerations when putting together a reward initiative is the actual reward that your recipient will receive. Many companies opt for in-house programmes and simply buy vouchers and distribute them themselves, and on first inspection retail vouchers appear to be the easiest option, everyone understands how a voucher works, it gives the recipient some choice and if you are buying in reasonable quantities you may even get a discount.

However, not is all what it seems on the surface. incentivechoice offers significant advantages, both for you and your recipient, over traditional retail vouchers, here’s how:

1. Instant reward presentation

Orders can be placed online, by phone or via a paper order form and rewards are delivered directly to the recipients door securely and safely. As an alternative to reward cards incentivechoice mobile and e-vouchers offer fast free delivery directly to your user's inbox and they are pretty eco-friendly too. If you prefer to give incentivechoice gifts cards and you open a business account with us we can give you a stock of empty reward cards so when you want to give an award, simply load the value you require and hand the card over immediately, no waiting for postal deliveries.  

2. No hidden costs

Aside from postage charges traditional retail vouchers and gift cards have a number of hidden costs that most buyers don't really consider. Recipients often have to incur cost and hassle to travel to redeem their vouchers, resulting in their reward losing its appeal and many vouchers, particularly multi-retailer vouchers, cannot even be redeemed online. Added to this the recipient may incur text and phone charges for enquiring about their balance on a reward card and face penalties for lost and stolen cards. As a result of all postage and handling charges are all factored into incentivechoice points values there are no additional costs for your recipients.

3. Massive reward options with flexible redemptions

Choice, as the name suggests, is one of the most compelling features of incentivechoice. Extensive redemption options are available through our beautifully intuitive reward catalogue. With thousands of options, incentivechoice offers more reward options than any traditional multi-retailer voucher; there truly is something for everyone.

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4. Outstanding customer service

incentivechoice offer full end-to-end customer service, and your recipients can expect fast, high quality help with any queries they have. Unlike many retailers the administrative burden is taken care of from start to finish and the service doesn’t stop when the card or voucher is issued. Our clear returns policy and helpful rewards team ensure that your recipient is given great service. As a B2B focused company we appreciate that we are representing you and your business when we are dealing with your customers, employees or partners and as such feel we offer a more personalised and professional experience than public focused retailers can.

5. Higher perceived value

incentivechoice points denominations are designed specifically for rewarding purposes and assign a non-monetary value to the rewards you give, which is proven to have a higher motivational effect. Removing the financial value of the award, and the social taboos that are inherent, offers increased perceived value than the actual £'s value and ultimately, a greater impact than the voucher equivalent.

6. Improved security

Gift cards often need to be activated before they can be used and carry security issues if they are lost or stolen. If vouchers are lost then that’s it, they are gone for ever, no refund, no reward and with almost 10% of gift vouchers lost in the UK every year the cost is massive. Lost or stolen incentivechoice reward cards can be cancelled instantly preventing them from being redeemed and new codes can be re-issued by post, email or sms.

7. Flexible reward denominations

Vouchers have fixed denominations, often in increments of £10 or more, and many reward cards have restrictive loading conditions. Pre-load as much as you like onto incentivechoice reward cards - every point is worth 5 pence so as long as your reward is an increment of this, you are free to award as much or as little as you like.

8. Personalisation options

Don’t underestimate the power of adding your company branding to an award. Most vouchers available on the market today offer little or no branding options at all. With our incentivechoice Signature white label solution you can fully brand your reward cards, emails, SMS messages and redemption website. We can even print bespoke vouchers and gift wallets or simply provide codes for you to add to your own packaging or literature.

9. Management reporting

Vouchers offer no feedback on what was chosen as a reward; they are awarded and that is the end of the proces for you. You have no idea what the voucher was spent on, if at all; it's the end of the conversation. With incentivechoice Signature solutions you can enjoy rich management reporting, usage statistics, gather user data and more.

For more information go to www.incentivechoice.co.uk

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