How to Make Referrals Work for You

Posted on: 6th July 2015

We live in a time when we are all very connected. At the click of a button or the swipe of an app a review or opinion can be made live and will appear on social media feeds globally.

Instant referrals are made every minute, even if people don’t realise they’re making them. So what can you do to encourage, utilise and reward this mentality in your customers?

Referrals from those who have actually experienced your service, maybe long-term users, are gold. They are the word of mouth you dream of and in a lot of cases rarely receive, since people are more inclined to go out of their way to offer negative reviews than positive. In these cases a little incentive goes a long way, and can promote multiple referrals from the same happy customers.

Under these circumstances, encouraging referrals from your current customer base is a no brainer. Begin by letting them know how much you value their referrals, and offer to give them something back in return.

Asking for referrals, outright, used to be considered pushy, but in a time where sharing your opinion is expected, people are more than happy to refer your business to their clients or peers. So where’s the harm in asking, especially when you’re offering them something in return?

So what’s the best way to introduce this idea to your customers? Well, one great way is through incentivebank. 

incentivebank’s new Referrals Module allows your customers to send you all the important information on their referral, and also check back to see the status of and how successful their referral has been. If they’ve given you the good stuff, you can choose to reward their great work with as many points as you see fit. They can then spend these on treats for themselves or their teams. The module also encourages multiple referrals since the more referrals they make, the more points they will receive and the bigger the potential prize!

You can create a referral form using the online form builder that allows you the flexibility of asking for only the information that’s relevant to referrals for your business. You’ll have complete control over the progression of the referrals, from pending to qualified and finally won or lost. And then you’ll have the pleasure of awarding those who provided you with the referral. It’s a win win.

Every business benefits from referrals. Call incentivesmart on 0845 003 8765 for more information and to see how incentivebank’s referral system will work for you.

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