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Posted on: 25th January 2013

At some stage in our lives we’ve all experienced a reward or 'thank you" that has made us feel great about ourselves. Iit engages us in what we are doing, gives us an amazing feeling of achievement and, more often than not, drives us to achieve that feeling again. Maslow and many others since have waxed lyrical about how recognition is more relevant to people's positive psyche and performance than almost anything else.

Yet 75% of businesses do not have an employee engagement strategy in place, so why aren’t more companies using incentives? Why aren’t your customer service representatives being pushed to excel in the same way as your sales team?

90% of leaders say that employee engagement is essential to their business, but too often people are not sure what they are being rewarded for. Incentives can’t be motivational if the reward is obscured, which happens when they are not clearly explained, cannot be easily tracked and are not timely. Muddled incentives hurt the bottom line through lost sales and drain the team's efficiency and mean that no one knows what behaviours are being rewarded.

We need to understand the science of rewarding and use the right tools to get the most from them. Businesses require systems that make the most of current technologies and can look across industry, customer and employee data to teach us how best to incentivise our workforce and customers - no matter what the size of the organisation.

incentivesmart do just that. We understand that motivation is the fuel that moves your business forward and inspires your employees and channels to constantly strive for excellence, outperforming the competition by building on and exceeding past successes and benchmarks.

It has been proven that engaged employees are 50% more productive in their roles, so with this in mind we help you to maximise your investment by helping you with every step of the process to form a successful incentive programme. Through clear, functional and exciting design and marketing, we stimulate your audience and understand the importance of the delicate balance between the science of user experience and the art of psychology. A clear communication and marketing strategy of your bespoke incentive scheme is essential for its success and our dedicated design team aim to make every communication material inspiring and motivating.­

For more information on our bespoke reward programmes call us on 0845 003 8765 or click here to contact us online.


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