incentivebank Integration with MailChimp

Posted on: 28th September 2012

The incentivebank™ sophisticated points banking platform is now integrated with MailChimp's powerful email communications to give your business the results and returns you crave from your loyalty and reward programmes.

incentivebank™ recognises and rewards achievement in a tangible, meaningful way, so everyone knows they are appreciated. incentivebank™ is the leading online points loyalty system that lets your business reward, track & motivate your staff, customers and suppliers.

Link your incentivebank™ account to a specific MailChimp List and Campaign Folder and keep all of your contacts and subscriptions syncronised and view mail performance reports directly from your incentivebank™ dashboard. Add reward points balances, pending points and customer specific information directly into your MailChimp emails.

Integration is simple, sign up for a free MailChimp account today and unleash some seriously powerful communications for your programme.

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