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Posted on: 29th September 2014



Big Changes to the Admin Dashboard!

We've been working hard behind the scenes to improve the functionality of the incentivebank admin suite dashboard. This first release of the new dashboard is phase one of a larger project to help you and us to further analyse your schemes' performance. Read on to find out about some of the new statistics and features available to Administrators from today.

Select Time Periods

You've always been able to select specific time periods for the dashboard graphs but now the statistics next to the graph will change in sync with the time period you have selected. When you first view the dashboard, all of the graphs will default to show the 'last 12 months,' but you can change this time period simply by clicking on 'change' and selecting the period you would like to see.

Engagement Trends

We've added an engagement graph so you can see the trends in your schemes engagement index over time. This data starts from 11th August 2014.

New Statistics

You can now view the number of orders placed on your scheme in a given time period, the value of those orders and the average order value. These new statistics are designed to help you understand your users' redemption habits and helps us tailor the rewards catalogue and ensure we are offering the most relevant reward selections.

You are now able to see how many new user registrations you have had in a selected time period. This is plotted as a green line on the Activity Graph alongside the login statistics.

Did you know?
If you click on the legend keys at the bottom of any of the dashboard graphs you can filter those stats out of the graph. So, for example, if you just want to see new registrations on your activity graph, simply click on 'Logins' and 'Unique Logins' in the legend to hide them. 

Switch between points and £'s

To save you having to get the calculator out when you are looking at your dashboard, we have added a new button at the top of the transactions widget which allows you to switch between Points and £GBP.

Re-order your widgets

Scheme Administrators have the ability to re-order the dashboard widgets so that the dashboard is more relevant to your organisation's goals. So if measuring engagement is your priority, simply drag it to the top. Please note, any changes will appear for everyone with admin access on your scheme.

Downloadable Graphs

You are now able to print or save the individual dashboard graphs by clicking on the 3 lines on the top right hand corner of the graph. You can print or save your graph in various formats; very useful if you want to add these graphs to external reports or presentations.

User Demographics

This new graph will help you gain a better understanding of your user base by highlighting the male/female split and the total number of users in the various age brackets. This in turn will help us to be more specific with the communications we are sending to your users to ensure we have maximum engagement in the scheme. Click on any of the statistics on the graph to generate a user report of that segment of your user base.


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