Project Summary

Home Appliances

Key Objectives:
Increase market share, drive sales 

Miele Inspired Performance

Headline Results:
19.5% Sales Increase

About Miele

Miele is a German manufacturer of high quality domestic appliances and commercial equipment. The motto at Miele is 'Immer Besser' which translated means 'Forever Better'. This motto was conceived over 100 years ago by the founders and remains the company motto today, permeating through every aspect of the business including their customer loyalty strategy.  Miele pride themselves on having the best products with unsurpassed quality and below are the elements that really set out the Miele difference.

The Challenge

Miele wanted a high quality and flexible way of rewarding high performing dealers, driving channel sales and improving brand advocacy.  Miele's core competitors already had established loyalty programmes in place so the solution had to not only equal but surpass those offerings in terms of value and quality. 

The Solution

In 2008 incentivesmart™ were chosen in a three way pitch to develop a bespoke and emotive loyalty programme around the Miele brand values.    Working in partnership with Miele and using our bespoke incentivebank Signature™ service we designed, developed and launched the first iteration of Miele Inspired Performance.  

The incentivebank™ platform helps Miele to communicate key news, messages, product launches and promotions easily and instantly.

Full integration with Miele SAP ordering system means that sales are tracked and claims are instantly processed. 

A weekly "Miele Wednesdays" email communication combines serious business messages with fun and competitions and chances to win prizes and additional points.

Over the years we have evolved the scheme through various themes including hollywood, game show and olympics to keep the message fresh and engaging. 

The Results

More than four years into it's operation Miele Inspired Performance continues to grow and generate value and incremental sales in the dealership network.

A controlled study of the programme's performance has shown a consistent 19% year-on-year sales growth in real terms and immeasurable brand advocacy as dealer engagement continues to grow.

Regular points promotions enable Miele to target sales activity to specific products or lines. 

Continued success in the dealer channel has lead to us running mutiple programmes for Miele including ASM and Engineer Sales Incentives, a joint venture loyalty project to incentivise Miele Ambassadors at John Lewis, consumer scratch card incentive to drive accessory sales and encourage warranty sign-ups.