Project Summary


Key Objectives:
Sales Incentive

Smart F1 Challenge

Headline Results:
145% sales uplift

About Smart Telecom

Smart Telecom is a leading telecom service provider to Business, Government and Residential markets in Ireland.  Smart Telecom were ranked as the fastest Broadband provider in Ireland above BT Ireland and Eircom. 

The Challenge

Smart Telecom asked incentivesmart to develop an exciting, engaging sales incentive for their team of 200 feild sales executives.  Smart wanted to roll out a new hand held device to all sales executives with a new integrated epos/ordering management system.  To do this up to 25% of the sales force would be in product training during the promotional month and therefore, out of the field.    The core objective of the programme was to maintain sales during this period and avoid a sales dip.    

The Solution

After spending some time with the sales teams and getting to know their processes and drivers we concluded that incentive should reward team effort as well as individual performance.  As the sales force was targeted on daily unit sales daily, weekly and monthly targets were established.

We developed the SMART F1 Challenge which pitted 8 teams against each other on a team and individual basis, and crucially engaged the competitive nature of the sales executives.

The participants of each team (Ferrari, Williams, Renault etc.) competed head-to-head against a participant from another team based on the day’s sales figures.  The winner of the head-to-head earned points for themselves (as a driver) and their regional team (as a constructor)

The programme was launched in each of the 8 regional offices with F1 decor and an F1 simulator competition.  Launch packs aimed not just at the sales personnel, but also their families, were created and a high-octane launch presentation was played online to the 8 locations simultaneously.

The fixtures for the head-to-heads were created on a day-to-day basis based on live weighting to give everyone a fair chance. Head-to-heads were displayed online and sent daily to each participant by SMS and email along with the result of the previous days competition.

Monthly and quarterly prizes were presented to Drivers Championship and Contructors Championship leaders and additional awards were presented for achieving "Most improved" on a weekly basis. 

The Results

Not only did we avoid the forecast sales dip but the promotion actually created a huge 145% uplift in like-for-like sales during the period.

The programme enhanced the competitive spirit amongst the team and created a wave of excitement and buzz in regional sales meetings.


“…the F1 Challenge had a much more significant impact on our sales than any previous cash bonuses or promotions we have run and the competition it created was fierce, almost frightening!”

Maurice McCarthy Sales Director