Aside from being a 128-bit encrypted system an optional 'end of day' process allows managers to review, approve or decline points transactions before they are awarded to user accounts. The system also has a number of security flags, drawing your attention to potentially fraudulent activity    


System Customisation

We can build your incentive around your exact needs, whether that means building bespoke apps or processes,  providing tailored reports or customising the look and feel of the system.



Proactive Account Management

Your account manager will look after your account, suggest ideas, help you drive sales, deal with your queries and more. 



Creative Communications

You will have full access to our creative marketing teams to help you build a truly compelling markcomms campaign to drive your programme success. Our creative team have tons of experience in creating bespoke communications, events and promotions.



Reward Catalogue Customisation

Tailor the reward catalogue to fit your needs, add you own products and merchandise or both.



Administration & Support Services

We can take care of all the administration of your programme, from awarding points, to processing claims, to answering all the calls in you scheme or company names. 




We have vast experience of integrating systems to help improve effeciency and workflow.  Whether you want to integrate a CRM, HR management tool, sales management systems or any other third party application talk to us.