incentivebank™ is the leading online points loyalty system that lets your business engage, educate, motivate and reward your customers, dealers, distributors and suppliers.

Simply award points to your users in exchange for improved performance, such as increased sales, improved delivery times, product knowledge, referrals and more. Your users can log in to their own reward account and spend points on a huge range of exciting rewards! incentivebank™ improves performance through goal chasing, continuous feedback and social recognition. 

When customers feel valued they’re more engaged and engaged customers buy 90% more often and spend 60% more than disengaged customers. 



So who uses incentivebank™ and why?

Companies of all sizes use incentivebank™ to drive behaviours and achieve their business goals, whether to create a simple sales incentive or develop a sophisticated employee reward and recognition platform. Popular applications of incentivebank™ include:

  • Drive B2B customer loyalty
  • Drive B2C consumer loyalty
  • Increase dealer and channel sales
  • Decrease discounts
  • Increase referrals
  • Improve product knowledge and training
  • Increase feedback
  • Drive 3rd party supplier promotions
  • Create engagaing communications
  • Improve their "Sorry" 
  • and many more...
incentivebank™ has all the communication and social tools needed to turn a humble incentive into a truly dynamic and engaging reward hub that not only drives core behaviours but also encourages learning, product knowledge, brand awareness, ideas, feedback and much more.


The platform is fully customisable enabling you to integrate your colours, logos & branding. Our sophisticated hierarchy and segmentation tools enable you to serve relevant content to different user groups on your programme. As an administrator you have full editorial control and can easily create your own content, pages, news articles, notifications, emails and messages.



The responsive design and secure cloud hosting means that your programme is accessible at any time on any device. Our obsession with protecting your data keeps your company and user data far from harm’s way. incentivebank™ is hosted on an ISO27001 Certified infrastructure and enjoys the highest levels of data center security.



incentivebank™ has all the communication and social tools needed to create a truly dynamic engagement programme that not only drives core behaviours but also encourages learning, product knowledge, brand awareness, ideas, feedback and much more.



incentivebank™ features a suite of optional modules and integrations to customise your programme, Tailor your programme to your exact needs whether you are launching a staf reward and recognition programme, a consumer facing loyalty scheme or a sales incentive, your programme can be fitted to your needs.
Read more about modules & integrations 



Our powerful API makes it easy to integrate CRM, ERP and POS systems or plug in third party websites and mobile apps. 
Read more about modules & integrations 



The incentivebank™ reward catalogue features something for everyone; from vouchers, wines and confectionary to experiences, travel and electronics. The reward choice is never static, with daily updates, regular offers and seasonal promotions to keep the catalogue engaging and exciting. 
Read more about the rewards



A comprehensive dashboard help you keep your finger on the pulse and gives a detailed overview of KPIs. Manage your users, transactions, budgets and report on a huge array of data. Our multi-tier hierarchy and permissions engine allows you to give specific permissions to your users, giving tailored reporting and admin rights to stakeholders and management.
Read more about reports and analytics 



We simplify reward and recognition making laborious administration tasks a thing of the past. Allocating points and processing claims, loyalty bonuses, nominations and referrals are managed through streamlined or automated processes.



You and your users will be looked after by our first class technical support and customer service teams and a proactive engagement expert will work with you to analyse your data, develop engaging communications, share best practice and ensure you get exceptional returns.



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Need even more customisation?

Our Signature™ service offers all the features of incentivebank™ plus dedicated account management, tailored communications, bespoke developments, custom reporting, consultancy and more. incentivebank Signature™ is a range of tailored products and services that are designed to make your programme as individual as your own signature.

Bespoke features & integrations

incentivebank Signature™ takes all the powerful features of incentivebank™ and tailors them to your exact requirements. Whether you have a complex hierarchy structure, need bespoke reporting, require integrations or want to manage multiple (or multi-tier) schemes from a single place, we're here to help.

Dedicated administration & support services

incentivebank Signature™ offers an abundance of support services examples of which include managed communications, customised reward catalogues, branded telephone and email support, social media management, consultancy and more.


Call us on 0845 003 8765 for a chat about how we can help your business!

Key Features & Benefits:

Easy to use website

The beautifully designed user interface is easy to use and gives your users the information and tools they need to achieve their goals.

Great Reward Choice

Choose from a wide range of rewards to suit all tastes.  You can even integrate in your own reward options.

Add your own Branding

Integrate your own branding, logos, colours and content into your programme.

Reporting & Analytics

A detailed reporting suite gives you key statistics, reports and analytics to track your scheme performance.

Truly Customisable

A range of innovative and flexible apps, plugins and modules help you to customise incentivebank™ to fit your exact business needs. 

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